RANGE ESSENTIAL. . ."You don’t know you need it until you use it and then it’s hard to imagine life without it." Jodie Nelson



Camilo Villegas4 time winner on PGA tour and world class cyclist.

"After going down on my road bike and having some persistent pain in both knees my buddy Ron hooked me up with RANGE ESSENTIAL... a week later my knees felt so much better and now I use RANGE ESSENTIAL any time I feel pain or tightness!!"



Brandon DickinsonScratch Golfer / Pro Fitter for Cobra Golf. 

"I swapped out my arthritis meds for RANGE ESSENTIAL and so far I'm incredibly impressed."



Jodie Nelson – Pro Surfer / Philanthropist / Producer / Photographer

"RANGE ESSENTIAL Flow Blend is a game changer for me.   I have horrible sinus problems after I surf.  I put a little bit of the Flow Blend in my nose when I get “surf sinuses” and it completely clears my nasal passages almost immediately.    I also use it on my neck and shoulders after a lot of paddling or after sitting at my computer for long hours and it completely reinvigorates me.   All I can say is it works and I’m hooked on it. I have a close friend who is a helicopter pilot during the week and and Ironman on the weekends.  He stopped by a few days after he had ran the LA marathon and said his back was tight.   I gave him some RANGE ESSENTIAL Flow Blend and he was calling me the next day asking where he could get a bottle for himself.   The product is like that.  You don’t know you need it until you use it and then it’s hard to imagine life without it… See her story on Ellen D show… Jodie Nelson Ellen show."


 Mike Escamilla Professional BMX legend, stuntman, TV personality, daredevil

"Hey I wanna buy some more RANGE ESSENTIAL, I'm out! The stuff has been a lifesaver!! I seriously use it everyday. I had to buy some other pain relievers when I was out and none of them work as well. I'm not gonna make it til next week without some RANGE ESSENTIAL- maybe I can get some today?" https://rangeessential.com/blogs/live-beyond/mike-escamilla


Ellie Day - wife of Jason Day, mother of two with one on the way, Jesus lover

"Thank you so much Range! I have the oil on my whole left leg practically. Feels amazing on my sore joints!!!" 



Siobhan Howard - Sports Marketing Manager,Captain of D1 College Soccer Team

I've had a bad back ( herniated disc) since soccer days in college. I still run daily. To be running isn't a hobby it's a lifestyle. I went out to grab some sushi lunch with My good buddy Ron and his co founder BK and told them about my back. They handed me over some oil. I've tried many oils out in SD, I have friends who sell it and I have friends who use oils regularly. I'm not joking within seconds of rubbing range oil on my lower back it was instant pain relief and I've never used a better oil. Now I use it daily. It's life changing. I am truly thankful for range oil and having the support of the RANGE ESSENTIAL team in my life. 


Amy McClain- Professional Nanny

"Range Oils have been a huge game changer for me. I work with children so there are a lot of ups and downs in my day and when I get home my whole body is in need of relaxing. I carry children on my shoulders every day and that’s also where I carry most of my stress. When I get home I spray the oils on my shoulders and back and it releases all the pain in just a few minutes. I also have found that on travel days my body isn’t tense after using Range. I highly recommend you add it to your daily routine. You’ll notice a huge improvement in not only your muscles but your mood because at the end of the day aren’t we all a little happier when our bodies are happy?!"



Joe Grayston – Avid Golfer /  Ex-Pro Baseball Player / Fire Captain LA County

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Ron from RANGE ESSENTIAL at the driving range. We talked for over an hour and it seemed like only 10 minutes had gone by. Ron asked me if I hurt anywhere, I kinda giggled and said everywhere, but some spots more than others. My shoulder was in moderate pain so Ron asked if I would like to try his product, which coincidentally is called RANGE ESSENTIAL. He sprayed my shoulder and within two minutes, the pain was gone. My next question was how can I get ahold of this amazing product. Since then, I have shared my experience with several of my fire fighter friends with the same positive response. Thank you RANGE for caring about people and coming up with such an awesome solution to relieving pain naturally."


 Mallory Gilbert- pole vaulter, SOARintentionally.com

"Pole vault left me with residual shoulder pain and inability to perform certain movements. After the first use of RANGE I felt a lessening of the pain, and after two months I can say I’ve gotten back almost all RANGE of motion (no pun intended)! I’m a believer! "  


David Koehle – Avid Golfer / 4 year D1 Basketball Player for the Oregon Ducks

"I met Ron from RANGE ESSENTIAL on the driving range as I was getting ready to play a round at Arroyo Trabuco. He could see I was having some elbow issues as I was wearing an elbow brace. He offered me some RANGE ESSENTIAL oil and I agreed to give it a try. To be real candid, I didn't think it would help...thankfully, I was wrong. I played virtually pain free and was without pain after playing...it helped a ton!! I went back to the driving range the following weekend hoping to find Ron so I could purchase the oil...fortunately, I found him on the range and bought a few bottles. I would encourage anyone playing golf with elbow pain to give this product a go...it is working for me." 


 Tom Sullivan - avid golfer

"My experience was reduction in wrist pain associated with arthritis during practice and while playing. Also, next day soreness was greatly reduced which allowed me to practice more often and for a longer period of time than prior to using RANGE ESSENTIAL oil. In addition, I have stopped using my previous pain reliever for this condition."


Chad Veach - Pastor at Zoe Church LA / Author Faith, Forward, Future and Unreasonable Hope.

"RANGE has helped me in two major areas that I needed help! Flying on airplanes are no good for the neck. I often have a stiff and painful neck, however, RANGE has helped ease that pain in a tremendous way. Also, its helped clear my nasal passages as I go to preach. I put some on and I’m good for 6 services. An awesome product helping people in a practical way”


Isabel Machrone - Producer

"Just last night as I was going to bed my elbow joints were bothering me. They were aching from my workout earlier in the day. I tried to ignore it, but I kept thinking about it and I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep. I reached out for the RANGE ESSENTIAL on my nightstand and sprayed my elbows. I had good nights rest & no pain in elbows today. I also spray RANGE ESSENTIAL on my ankles & rub my feet when I have had long day at work, especially on a shoot day. My legs feel restless at night and the next morning I feel great again. Thank you!"


Michael Machrone – Owner InkFx Printing

"I run every day at lunch with a knee injury I’ve had for ten years. I’ve been spraying RANGE ESSENTIAL on my knees before I run and my knees feel so much better after my run. Your product is great, plus it smells good. Thanks"